Encina Capital Partners, LLC (together with its affiliates, “Encina”) provides specialized lending and leasing solutions to middle-market companies in the U.S. and Canada through four distinct platforms – asset-based lending, equipment finance, first-out cash flow lending and lender finance. Since its launch in 2014, Encina has provided over $2 billion in aggregate commitments to more than 100 customers across a wide variety of industries. Encina has approximately 75 employees located across nine offices in the U.S.

Encina Business Credit

Headquartered in Chicago, Encina Business Credit (EBC) provides revolving lines of credit and term loans ranging in size from $10 – $120 million and secured by accounts receivable, inventory, machinery & equipment and real estate.

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Encina Equipment Finance

Headquartered in Westport (CT), Encina Equipment Finance (EEF) provides loans and leases ranging in size from $5 – $50 million and secured by essential-use machinery & equipment.

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Encina Lender Finance

Headquartered in Atlanta, Encina Lender Finance (ELF) offers revolving lines of credit and term loans ranging in size from $10 – $150 million to specialty finance companies across a wide range of commercial and consumer asset classes.

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Encina Private Credit

Headquartered in Norwalk (CT), Encina Private Credit (EPC) partners with direct lenders to provide first-out cash flow revolvers & term loans as part of a unitranche solution to private equity-sponsored borrowers.

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